About the Photographer

Matt grew up in the North suburbs of Boston and had an early start in photography. At the age of 10, he and his grandfather built a pinhole camera and together developed the resulting pictures. As a young teenager, spent many afternoons in his grandfather's basement, carefully handling black and white prints for his grandfather's aerial photography business.

Matt studied architecture and design at Iowa State University and continued to document the world around him, in Iowa as well as in France, where he studied from 1993-1994.

After college, he landed a job with a large Cincinnati soap maker, which brought him to Cincinnati in 1996, as a system analyst.

In continuing the tradition of his grandfather, he recently created "Matt Vant Photography," a small company with the aim of putting high quality, value artwork on the walls of businesses and homes around the Cincinnati Metro area.

Matt's favorite subjects include: Cincinnati, Poland, Germany along with cityscapes, public spaces, transportation, parks, bridges and extra-bold, colorful scenes. Having lived 3+ years abroad, Matt has an appreciation for different cultures and takes satisfaction in introducing new views and subjects to new eyes.

While Matt currently "focuses" on fine art photography, he intends on expanding to portrait and event photography in the near future. Stay tuned!


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